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July 10, 2019

It’s a matter of social embarrassment. Imagine you go all decked up to a party with the best of the clothes and shoes but people can’t stand your breath?

Most of the people will just ignore and walk away in a while but a true friend will let you know your problem. The trouble with having bad breath is that you don't realize it yourself how bad it is.

Bad Breath or Halitosis significantly affects your self-confidence and image. And the cure is easy and approachable in front of the agony it brings to you. Halitosis is not a problem itself but a strong symptom of any underlying disease.

There can be multiple reasons for bad breath. Some of them being:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene
  • The deep cavity where your food gets stuck
  • Poor gum health: if you are suffering from Periodontist
  • Pericoronitis: inflammation around your wisdom teeth
  • Dry mouth
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory or lung infection
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Kidney or liver infection

The diagnosis here plays a very important role. At our dental clinic in Gurgaon, the first step is to rule out any systemic cause. Multiple examinations are carried out: oral and systemic.

Our dentists in South Delhi & Gurgaon keep a note of all the oral findings. Any dental caries or abscessed teeth are identified and treated. Impacted wisdom teeth with a flap infection can also lead to pus formation and hence the foul odor.

In most of the cases, halitosis is because of poor oral hygiene. The deposition of calculus and plaque is natural to happen and needs half yearly check. It is advised to get scaling and polishing every six months. Conditions that need more attention could be treated by deep cleaning and curettage. Gum problems like gingivitis and periodontist are treatable and results are satisfactory.

How to keep Bad Breath at bay?

Practice good oral hygiene: Brushing twice a day is a universal fact that is considered mandatory to have good teeth. But we often overlook the hygiene of our tongue.   The bed of our tongue is a house for millions of bacteria which leads to foul odor in our mouth. Therefore, tongue cleaning is equally important.

Keep your mouth moist: Dehydrated mouth smells bad, yes. Lack of salivation is another reason why you must be feeling that weird odor. Keep sipping on the water every now and then to keep your mouth hydrated. You can also try chewing some sugar-free gums to enhance your salivation.

Regular dental checkups really do help: Go for it!!

It's not necessary to visit a dentist only if you have pain. Certain conditions don’t manifest symptoms but the repercussions can be there. Gum problems treatments in Gurgaon is very well carried out by our team of a periodontist.

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