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Bridging the gaps between your teeth

Bridging the gaps between your teeth

March 24, 2022

Gap between teeth, that is midline diastema, is one of the most common oral problems.  Many people have gaps especially in their front teeth thus, making an individual conscious about his/her appearance.

To overcome this, aesthetic dentistry comes to play. A conventional approach includes bonding of a tooth-coloured restoration aka composite. It is done in a single-sitting visit and thus increasing the patient compliance. It is a painless procedure and does not require any application of local anaesthesia.  

At The Dental Roots, a modernised approach is used. With the help of digital smile designing (DSD). Veneers are preferred over the conventional approach of tooth coloured restoration. they are tooth-coloured laminates that are bonded over the teeth to overcome gaps, tooth decay, crooked tooth etc. and thus considered as a permanent solution.

Dr. Dheeraj Setia, head of The Dental Roots says, “Digital smile designing allows you to see virtually how great your new smile can look before any treatment begins. The aesthetic trend is to go “all natural”. Enhancing dentistry that doesn’t’ look overdone.”

To get the best treatment in Delhi and Gurgaon, The Dental Roots is the right choice for you.

What are its advantages?

  A permanent solution

·      Hides tooth imperfections

·      A better alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings

·      Takes one sitting

·      Painless procedure


When choosing a cosmetic dentist, it is important to consider the expertise of the dentist. This ensures the dentist you choose is using technologies and materials on the forefront of cosmetic dentistry. Furthermore, before and after results will give you a first-hand look at what to expect for your results.

The Dental Roots has the best team of dentist in India. At The Dental Roots, we believe in giving each of our patients the best possible results.

To schedule your consultation or to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, contact The Dental Roots today.

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