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July 10, 2019

Blessed with a perfect set of teeth?? Take your beautiful smile to the next level by enhancing your best asset. A lot of us believe in bringing the best in you and putting the best foot forward. We have something very interesting we added to our smile makeover treatment in south Delhi. Dental jewellery has been a popular trend in the last few years. And it just might be your thing if you want to brighten up your smile!! Here is your “need to knows”

Dental jewellery is a way to bling up your already beautiful smile. Chasing this trend is the easiest thing to do and getting it on is even easier. These are crystal clear stones that are available in different colours and sizes. All you need is an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Gurgaon.

A wide range of colours and shapes are available for you to choose from. These also come in a whole lot of sizes. So you can pick any colour and size according to the outfit you wanna wear.

Why will you love these cute little things!!

  • Single sitting procedure: Yes single sitting and 10 minutes. No drilling required.
  • Adds an instant dazzle to your smile: You got to agree to us, they look great and adds up to your sparkle
  • Long lasting: One need not worry about it while brushing. They are strongly bonded on the surface of the tooth
  • No harm to enamel: As it does not require any drilling, it is harmless and doesn’t hinder a good oral hygiene
  • It can be removed later: It is not permanent. It can be removed completely and in one piece whenever you get bored of it.
  • Easy to maintain: It needs no maintenance at all. Just twice a day brushing should suffice.

Cosmetic Dentistry at south Delhi clinic i.e The dental roots is roaring with young teenagers, college goers and modelling professionals for the new trend. Come and supercharge your smile.

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