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July 10, 2019

The basis of healthy permanent teeth in kids and teenagers happen during the first years of their life. Teaching them suitable dental hygiene early in life is a remarkable assurance for the development of strong and healthy teeth far ahead in their lives. Parents can begin by setting an example and make their kids comprehend the significance of proper oral care. Kids learn more by duplicating their parents and they do better via friendliness and praise for their efforts. Overlooking the child's oral care is a gigantic mistake parent can make. Inappropriate nutrition and teeth cleaning in the first 2 years of a child's life have been related to tooth decay in maximum children. Tooth decay is five times more rampant than asthma in youngsters. Developing caries in primary teeth also upsurge the risk of tooth decay in perpetual teeth. It is therefore imperative for parents to start teaching their kids proper dental hygiene at an initial age to inhibit dental glitches as they grow older.

When is the Correct Time to Start Proper Oral Care for Kids?

Proper oral care starts before any teeth appear. It is suggested that parents wipe the baby's gums with water using a baby's toothbrush (no toothpaste) or soft fabric after feeding; doing this will help clear away detrimental bacteria. Abstain from putting the baby to sleep with a feeding bottle as this might also harm the baby's gums and teeth since the sugars from milk or juice that remained in the baby's mouth for hours will eat into at the enamel of the tooth, forming what is called bottle mouth. The symptom of bottle mouth is tarnished, pockmarked, or rough front teeth. Severe circumstances of bottle mouth can result in tooth decay and the plague-ridden tooth has to be extracted before the perpetual teeth grow in. A decent rule to follow is to begin brushing habitually when the first teeth appear. Flossing can be done as soon as the kid has grown teeth that are in contact with each other, typically around 2-3 years of age. However, ask the dentist's recommendation first as not all youngsters need to have to floss their teeth at this age. The best dentist in DLF Phase 3 at The Dental Roots can also recommend non-fluoride toothpaste before a kid reaches 2 years old. Give your kid oral cleanings every day particularly every after meals and make it a dental care habit.

The Child's First Visit to the Dentist

The correct time to take your youngster to a dentist is after his or her 1st birthday. The dentist will scrutinize your youngster's mouth to determine if appropriate brushing and flossing are being done. Visits to the dentist are imperative for timely detection and prevention of potential dental glitches. Such visits can also help your kid get used to and acquainted with the dentist and will have less anxiety about dental checkups in the future.

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