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July 10, 2019

Root canals are very painful

Wait, what?? Is that tooth without root canal isn’t hurting enough??
Root canal treatment is never a painful procedure in fact it is done to alleviate pain.
Often what we see in our patients, they come in for a treatment only when the tooth really starts to hurt a lot. At this stage, the tooth is already infected inside and the infection has traveled to the bone below creating pus and pressure An infected tooth takes more time to heal than the non infected ones. So the idea is not to wait for the pain. Regular dental checkups help you rule out any deep cavity that might need root canal treatment in Gurgaon and keep your teeth pain free.

Root canal treatment takes long time to complete

It honestly varies from tooth to tooth, case to case and condition of the tooth.
Root canal treatment is done in cavities which are deep and just touching your nerves. Root canal treatment is also done if the tooth got fractured and had not cavity earlier. Root canal treatment is also done intentionally when you want to put a crown on the tooth for various smile correction reasons.
A non infected tooth can be treated with Root canal in just single sitting. Only when the infection has reached in periapical region or beyond the root tip, it needs regular dressing in between.

Root canal treatment means you are taking out the tooth.

Yes, some patients have come up with the query if the tooth still remains there even after root canal.
Root canal treatment is a way to save a bad tooth. The tooth still remains. Root canal treatment helps you relieve the pain because of the decay and its effects on the pulp. The treatment involves cleaning the canals and remove all the infected tissue. The tooth is then secured using a cap. But Hey, your tooth still remains there only. You can save your original tooth because of root canal.

Root canal treatment doesn't need a crown afterwards.

In most of the cases, root canal treatment is done for the reason of a big cavity which almost eats away your tooth. By treating the canals, the pain and infection is resolved but the tooth is still too weak to take any chewing forces. To provide protection to the weak tooth structure and restore the function of chewing, a cap is a must.
In cases where the tooth structure is still 90% intact, a good core filling is enough.

Experts for a root canal treatment in Gurgaon are available at The dental roots, a renowned clinic in the city. For more queries, visit our centres.

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