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The Dental Roots is Open With Sterile Environment and Safety Protocols for COVID 19

The Dental Roots is Open With Sterile Environment and Safety Protocols for COVID 19

May 28, 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 created quite a stir around the world and impacted the lives of people irrespective of regions or identity. While every dental practice in India, be it an independent dental clinic or chain had to bear the consequences of shutting down for a while due to the mandatory lockdown imposed by the indian government, it is now time to make a come back to cater to the needs of patients, keeping guidelines and protocols at the forefront. Owing to the situation,most dentists in India did not open their clinics and preferred to provide consultations over the phone or online with antibiotic prescriptions to their patients. Many had to bear their sufferings as physical therapies were out of reach because of the fear of the virus’s spread. However, the case is not the same anymore; the Union Health Ministry issued a list of unified guidelines for dental professionals while emphasizing that those visiting a dental clinic or hospital must be treated with due precautions.


With the establishment of enhanced safety protocols and a sterile environment, The Dental Roots is ready to explore the new normal. The highly equipped dental hospital ensures comprehensive safety for patients and the staff using WHO and Union Health Ministry guidelines. The protocols include usage of personal protective equipment (PPE), advanced processes and safety materials. Furthermore, below is a list of other safety measure and protocols to be followed at The Dental Roots:

·     Placement of visual alerts icons (e.g., posters,signs) at the entrance and in strategic places (e.g., waiting areas, elevators)to provide patients with instructions in suitable language about respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene, and cough etiquette. Setting up of a dedicated desk at the reception for patient’s health screening before treatments including recording medical and travel history, Infra-red thermal reading, oxygen level measurement via oximeter, mouth rinsing using 0.2% povidone-iodine solution, handing out sanitary kits and PPE for patients, cap, shoe covers, face mask and gloves and a disposable surgical gown.

·        Patient in flow is carefully monitored in order to ensure there is no waiting time.

·        Usage of advanced technology such as 3D Digital Scanner by 3 Shape so that physical contact is minimum while providing consultation.

·        Disinfection of surfaces at the clinic and daily clinic fumigation to be followed. To add on, hand sanitizing protocols to be observed before handling an invasive device, during patient care, when moving from a contaminated to a clean body site of the patient, after coming in contact with inanimate objects in the immediate vicinity of the patient and touching blood, body fluids, secretions,non-intact skin, contaminated item seven if gloves are worn.

·        Social distancing among the clinical staff while ensuring global standard PPE for dentists and assistants.

·        Responsible biomedical waste disposal with safe waste management, including treating waste contaminated with blood, secretions,excretions, body fluids as clinical waste in accordance with local regulations.

·        Common area sterilization to be carried out using UV light disinfection technologies and aerosol removal and air purifying external high- suction machines.

·        Promoting only digital means of payments for all incoming patients at the clinic.

·        Usage of periodic clinical audits to ensure 100%compliance of standards and protocols.

As we all know,procedures for dentistry for children and adults require close contact with the patient’s oral conditions. Hence it is imperative for us at The Dental Roots, to abide by the guidelines declared by the Union health ministry, WHO and Indian Dental Association to minimize all possible chances of exposures. Furthermore, all urgent procedures are to be conducted only after consultation, tele-triage,consent and through pre-fixed appointments only as announced by the Ministry.

Dr Dheeraj Setia and the team of highly experienced dentists are set to enhance the existing safety standards, including new protocols as the safety of our patients and staff is of topmost priority.

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