With a passion for dentistry, Dr Dheeraj Setia started The Dental Roots in 2010. With two luxurious dental clinic in Gurgaon and South Delhi, Dr Setia has fulfilled his vision of bringing state-of-the-art technology with the best techniques in the field of aesthetic dentistry to India. The Dental Roots has built an enviable place in the industry as one of the most reliable dental health care providers in the region.

Over a period of 10 years, we have served more than 15,000 patients. We are committed to deliver highest quality dental care using the latest technology and equipment. Our mission is to provide patient-oriented, advanced and cost-effective dental care to our society and ensuring that they get the highest level of dental treatment in a trusted and compassionate environment.

We believe that our dedication for providing unparalleled treatment coupled with patient education is among the most effective ways of achieving Good Oral Health for Life. Come receive the individual attention you rightfully deserve

"I would like to say a big thank you to all the team at The Dental Roots, from the charming and efficient reception staff to all the dental team. The center is a truly first class outfit that is the epitome of professionalism who, if you can believe it, make going to the dentist a total pleasure."

-Mr Sanjay Ahuja

"It was very embarrassing to attend any social gathering with my loose dentures and wasn’t eating well until I got my implants from The Dental Roots. I am very confident now and comfortable with my new teeth. I strongly recommend The Dental Roots team for any dental needs to all my friends"

– Ms. Divya Pareek


- Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)-

We have housed some of the latest technologies in dentistry, in our exclusive clinic. With our Cone Beam Computed Tomography equipment clinical applications in numerous treatments including diagnosis of dental trauma endodontic (root canal) diagnosis of dental caries (cavities),  cleft palate assessment, evaluation of the jaws and face visualization of abnormal teeth, dental implant planning are found. We can provide you the most accurate diagnosis along with a high level of precision in the treatment by using this equipment. Along with the latest technology we also have the best dentist in South Delhi who work amicably and are always ready to provide their services with smiling faces.

- OPG (Full Mouth Xray)-

Digital Imaging Technology has evolved a lot and at The Dental Roots, we believe in using the latest OPG machines for Panaromic X-Ray of Mandible (Jaw), Cephalograms, TM Joints etc. The technology has helped us provide excellent results that are cleaner, faster and precise every time. Our OPG machines produce lower radiations, enhanced safety, no harmful products and are totally environment friendly. Go Green.

- Laser -

Laser is being used in all medical practices and vastly in dentistry as well for years now. It is cautiously optimistic to use Laser technology in the field of dentistry causing less pain reducing the need for anaesthesia, preserving healthier tooth during cavity removal. At The Dental Roots prolonged use of Laser has noted the clinic amongst the most advanced dental technology users.


CAD/CAM technology and metal-free materials are used by The Dental Roots to provide the patients with compressed dental accessories keeping your smile all natural. At The dental Roots, dental CAD/CAM is used to fabricate abutments for dental implants that are long lasting and appear as good as natural teeth.


- Hygiene -

At The Dental Roots, hygiene is the foremost priority before the doctors begin any treatment. All the dentists prior to any treatment make sure they are dressed with proper disposable face mask, head cover, eye glasses & new gloves. The patients at their end are also required to wear drapes and are provided with disposable mouthpiece and plastic glasses during the treatment. The assistant members as well are to follow strict norms, they are only allowed to enter the premises in the clinic uniform, wearing disposable gloves and head cover to maintain overall hygiene.

- Disinfection -

Efficient infection control in the dental clinic in all the surfaces is essential for the safety of patients. All surfaces in the clinic undergo disinfection at the beginning and end of the day and in between and after each patient’s treatment. Our Support Staff are trained to keep the clinic area 100% disinfected in between treatments to ensure best results.

- Ultrasonic Chemical Sterilisation-

An ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves that are outside the human hearing range to form oscillating bubbles, called cavitation wherein, the bubbles act on debris to remove it from the instruments. All equipment at The Dental Roots traverse ultrasonic sterilization technique to ensure the highest standards of sterilization.

- Advanced Sterilisation -

This is a revolutionary technique adopting unique colour coding for providing confirms sterilization. The steam entering the chamber from this water reservoir displaces air as it exits the chamber in the technology. If there is any presence of microorganisms, the pressure of the chamber along with high temperature and steam kills them.

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