Plan Your Trip to India

Patients around the globe try and find the best medical services at the most affordable cost, and patients looking for dental care are no different.   In India you can get dental treatment at the most reasonable cost, even including the  cost of international travel from your country to here. India has developed into one of the leading countries for dental tourism as well as medical, this is mainly because of the fact that it has some unparallaed advantages including quick efficient treatments, quality hospitals and healthcare facilities as well as eminent specialists and doctors.

Approximately two hundred thousand patients travel to India every year for medicinal treatments. The main treatments required are arthroscopy, heart treatments, dental treatment as well as procedures

on liver and kidney are a few of the procedures for which medicinal visitors visit India. The majority of inbound medicinal visitors to India are from Bangladesh and Afghanistan (34%), Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (30%), the Middle East, (10%), Africa (10%), and the UK and the US (16%).

Some of the main centres of healthcare and Dental-care in India are New Delhi , Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.  New Delhi and NCR and Gurugram are probably the most sought after locations for treatment in India as they have some of the best doctors and hospitals the world over, and a moderate cost of living and great transport infrastructure.


Day 1

  • Arrival at New Delhi or Gurugram (Delhi NCR)
  • Check in to the hotel of your choice
  • First visit to the dental hospital for consultation with the specialist
  • Diagnostic X-rays, investigations performed and treatment plan finalized
  • Back to hotel

Day 2

  • Treatment in progress

Day 3

  • Treatment in progress
  • Local sight seeing

Day 4

  • Treatment in Progress
  • Local sight seeing

Day 5

  • Travel to North India

Day 6

  • Travel to North India

Day 7

  • Travel to North India

Day 8

  • Back to Gurgaon and clinic for follow up

Day 9

  • Back to your final destination with a beautiful Smile