Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal diseases, also known as gum diseases, may range from simple gum inflammation to grave diseases that lead to major damage to the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth.  Eventually, continued inflammation results in destruction of the bone and tissues enclosing the tooth, thus leading to loosening of the tooth. The loss of teeth is likely to take place in the worst scenarios.At The Dental Roots, we offer various treatments for Periodontal Diseases such as Root Planning, Scaling and Flap Surgery.

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Gum Graft

Specialist Periodontist

Flap Surgery

Bone Grafting

Flap surgery

The procedure is begun by injecting the particular area with local anesthesia. Then the seperation of the gums from the tooth takes place to enable cleaning of the root of the teeth the dentist fills with tartar and if needed repairs the bones. Then flaps of the gums are sutured back in place and are also are covered with gauze for ceasing bleeding. Recovering from a flap procedure usually takes just few days. Your dentist will remove the stitches within a few days post the procedure. At The Dental Roots, your comfort is our prime concern and we ensure that the entire procedure is painless.

Gum Grafting

A gum graft is utilized for replacing receding and/or missing gum tissue. Gum grafts undoubtedly are very essential when the gums that neighbor the tooth have receded exposing the tooth’s root also resulting in loss of bone. The main motive behind gum grafting is minimizing and/or to completely arresting the progression gum’s recession and ensuring avoidance of further bone loss. Gum Grafting is done occasionally to bring improvement in the aesthetic appearance of gums. Deficient Gum Tissues might also result in an unaesthetic appearance. The gums that are deficient are plumped up by Gum grafts which results in gum symmetry.

Periodontal Diseases Treatment in Gurgaon and South Delhi

The Dental Roots offers advanced periodontal diseases treatment in one of the best dental clinic in South Delhi and Gurgaon through experienced Periodontist. On your visit, our dentist will diagnose your condition to find out the underlying problems related to your gums and offer an effective treatment plan using the latest technology. The technology at The Dental Roots can help you recover from any kind of periodontal diseases.

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