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Our team of dentists and staff are specialised in dental care for infants and children and have the relevant training and experience to take care of the dental health of children of all ages, right from infancy through adolescence and also those with special health care needs. According to American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry. A child should make their first trip to the dentist by his/her first birthday, hence every child must visit the dentist at a very early age.

The Importance Of Good Dental Health For Children

It is easier for a child to develop a positive association with the dental office if they are introduced to it at a young age. It is extremely important for parents to be well aware of the dental health of their children and keep monitoring the eruption as well as shedding of milk teeth. There have been remarkable improvement in technology and science and therefore it is now possible to prevent cavities and to ensure that your child is cavity free.

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Oral Hygiene Instructions for kids
To cultivate good oral habits early in childhood is a vital task for most of the parents. The prime reason why kids and children suffer from cavities is non effective brushing. The doctors guide the parents and educate a child in fun way to keep his growing years cavity free and in good dental health.

Nutritional Counselling and diet
Children love eating junk food and sweets, this is the primary reason for cavities and the second prime reason for the cavities to occur is snacking between meals. We provide education about what foods cause cavities, as well as ways to modify your children’s diet to minimize the risk of getting cavities and tooth decay.

Fluoride when applied on teeth, makes them resistant to acid attack and help fight them better against cavities. It also reverses early decay and reminiralises the tooth surface. Fluorides , available in various forms of gels, varnishes or foam is used by our dentists to make your kids teeth cavity free.

The chewing surface of the first permanent molars is very prone to decay. These teeth erupt at the age of 6 and sealants are the best known treatment to prevent decay in the same. Takes few minutes and your child is a cavity fighter.


When it comes to treating children, The Dental Roots is considered as one of the best places to find the most capable and best Kids Dentists in Gurgaon and South Delhi. The clinic has particularly housed kids dental chairs according to the ergonomics for children, in order for them to have a convenient and comfortable treatment.

At The Dental Roots Clinic for kids dental treatments in Gurgaon, our interiors and ambience specially designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of young children. Our Paediatric Dentists in Gurgaon and South Delhi (Kids Dentist) are known to provide the most gentle and tender dental treatments to children of all ages. Contact our Paediatric or kids dentist in Gurgaon or South Delhi to book a consultation for your child  at the Dental Roots Delhi or Gurgaon (Gurugram) branch today



A dental sealant is a flimsy, plastic covering painted on the biting surfaces of teeth – more often on the back teeth (the premolars and molars) – to prevent tooth decay or cavities. The sealant rapidly flows and bonds to the fine pits and fissures of the teeth which are the most common site of start of the cavities.The best time to put a sealant is as soon as a tooth erupts in the oral cavity.Although intensive brushing and flossing can expel stuck food particles and plaque from smooth surfaces of teeth, they can’t generally get into every one of the niches and crevices of the back teeth to evacuate the plaque and food particles . As indicated by The Dental Roots,Sealants shield these helpless zones from tooth decay by forming a defensive lacquer shield via “blocking out” plaque and nourishment for cavities causing bacteria.

1) There is no viable alternative for brushing/flossing. By evacuating the plaque for the duration of the day by brushing and flossing, your odds of developing decay naturally are diminished.

2) Sealants are demonstrated to work. Sealants have been utilized since about the 1970’s to help decrease decay among kids. Concentrates have exhibited positive outcomes in accomplishing the avoidance of dental caries in youngsters when sealants are connected to the primary molars of kids with profound pits. .

3) If a tooth has a cavity, don’t apply a dental sealant. This is a clashing contention over the dental world. A few dental specialists don’t see an issue if the decay is the exact moment. When asking about “confusions” or issues from having a sealant connected, this could be a dubious point.

4) No longer ready to eat sticky, chewy and sweet foodstuffs. This is a disadvantage to having a dental sealant connected. While expending certain nourishments, there is a higher danger of the sealant being “pulled off” by the sticky, chewy and sweet foods. In any case, as a general rule, to diminish the danger of creating dental rot, one ought not to develop the above mentioned food habits.

Taking everything into account, there truly is no negative to having a dental sealant. Instead they are preventive in nature, thereby decreasing the chaces of even the more prone children (hereditary qualities, medical problems, meds, diet, and so forth) to develop new cavities. Also, they are a promising investment since sealants cost lesser that getting fillings, root canals, caps , etc.


Many parents want to know: At what age should I brush and floss my child’s teeth? A decent guideline is to begin flossing when the child has teeth that are in contact with one another, as a rule around age a few years. When teeth achieve this point, food particles can get captured among them and cultivate the development of microorganisms and the advancement of plaque. Not all kids need their teeth flossed at this age, so approach your dental practitioner for exhortation.


Did you realize that kids’ teeth start forming before birth? An infant can be sen teething as early as four months. Realizing that, when is the best time to get to the dental practitioner? The appropriate response is when the milk teeth show up. Start brushing your child’s teeth day by day and calendar a dental arrangement. As a rule, youngsters should visit the dental specialist by their first birthday celebration. Ask friends and family to select a dentist in your area who likes children and takes care of them regularly. The first relationship your child has with a dentist can leave a lasting impression.


Dental sealants contain synthetic compounds similar to plastic infant bottles namely Bisphenol A – which is a synthetic estrogen. Despite the fact that regardless they’re examining, the FDA trusts these mixes. There are only suspicions relating to the safety of dental sealants, as nothing has been proved in vast majority of studies and experiments conducted to evaluate the effects of sealants. On the other hand sealants have been found to reduce the development of cavities by as high as 80% .Therefore, suspected risks of applying sealants undoubtedly outweigh the benefits and so has been seen since five decades.