Dentures are set of artificial teeth used to replace all or few missing teeth that can successfully aid in chewing food, improve speech and aesthetic appeal. It also helps in keeping the facial area and mouth in correct alignment. They are available as complete dentures in case of all teeth missing and partial dentures in case few of them are absent. The Dental Roots offers you best quality dentures in Gurgaon at affordable price.

Type of dentures

  • BPS
  • Sun Flex Dentures (Flexible Denture)
  • Sun Flex Dentures (Flexible Denture)
  • Cast Partial Dentures
  • Lucitone Dentures
  • Bidden Tap Last

Immediate Dentures/Â Implant Supported Denture

  • Made and delivered in 2-3 visits (no physical efforts for senior citizens)
  • Warranted work
  • In-house dental lab and qualified technicians
  • Free ultrasonic dentures cleansing
  • Affordable
  • Permanent Solution
  • More Stable and Comfortable

Immediate Dentures are dentures that are inserted on the same day immediately following the removal of natural teeth.  This treatment can help you restore a health smile in a day.

ALL-ON-4 Treatment All-on-4 Treatment is the most efficient and permanent treatment for missing teeth. Your denture is secured to your jaw with the help of the Dental Implants. The Dental Roots Team specialises in ALL-on-4 Treatment to provide permanent replacement of the upper as well as lower set of teeth (case dependent) which fits and functions just like your natural teeth. One of the greatest advantage of Implant Supported Dentures is the stability and strength that it provides is comparable to natural teeth.

Dentures Treatment at The Dental Roots in South Delhi & Gurgaon

At The Dental Roots, Dentures are made by the Prosthodontist to ensure correct fit and efficiency. After consultation & examination, including the making of dentures, you be required to make 2-3 visits for the complete process of dentures. The quality of dentures will not be compromised on as we have an in-house dental lab in which work our qualified technicians under expert supervision. The Dental Roots offers quality Dentures at affordable cost in Gurgaon and South Delhi along with after care service & free ultrasonic denture cleaning.

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