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Hollywood Smile Makeover Treatment

How a Smile Makeover Treatment Improves Dental Health

Smile is not just about lips but also includes teeth and gums behind it. Many of us are not blessed with a perfect smile, but the good news is that there is no need to be disheartened anymore. Once the hallmark of famous stars, Smile Makeover is now easily accessible to each one of us.
It is now possible to get that Hollywood smile with minimally invasive dental procedures in a couple of days , everyone can now have a Hollywood smile makeover in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR in as less as just one sitting. You can visit our dental clinic in Delhi or Gurgaon (Gurugram) for the same.
Smile enhancement at our dental clinic is one of a kind. The Dental Roots believes in giving each of our patients the best possible smile makeover in Delhi NCR.

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How do we design your smile?

Get A Hollywood Smile Makeover At The Dental Roots.  We start with a clinical evaluation of your teeth and gums followed by professional photographs and videos. Digital and 3D smile designing is done to give you the smile of your choice.
A smile makeover in Delhi NCR of this precision and quality would only be available at a handful of international level clinics and The Dental Roots clinic is one of them. We have advanced techniques and treatments like dental veneers, laminates, equipment and our proficient team of experienced dentists ensure that you get the Hollywood Smile that you desire

Our MultiDisciplinary Approach


They are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth colored materials like porcelain or resin composite materials. They are designed to cover the front surface of the tooth, to improve the appearance. They help in changing the shape, size, color of the tooth. Minimum tooth preparation is required as on the front surface of the tooth is trimmed. Laminates are used when patient has discolored, chipped, uneven or irregularly shaped (e.g. with craters) or when there is gap between the teeth.

Ceramic crowns

These are most popular type of crowns which are generally closest to a natural looking tooth. Ceramic or porcelain crowns are the preferred option for anterior teeth which have undergone a restoration (e.g. RCT). Teeth with weak structure and post anterior implant procedure, they are also covered by ceramic crowns. Tooth preparation involves reducing the size of the tooth with dental burs so that the crown can fit the tooth from all sides.

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening or bleaching can get your smile looking its best. Whitening is a one-time procedure performed by a dentist. It is amongst the most common and widely adopted cosmetic procedure. At The Dental Roots, we use the Philips ZOOM WhiteSpeed, the #1 patient requested whitening brand. It relatively inexpensive and most effective way to enhance a faded smile in just 1 hour.

Enamel Recontouring

Recontouring or reshaping is a procedure in which a small amount of tooth enamel is removed to change tooth’s length, shape or surface. It is usually done to improve the quality of smile. When there is fixing of small chips or slightly irregular tooth surface, enamel recontouring is preferred. It is also performed to make the bite even. This is the most conservative cosmetic treatment; the whole procedure is quite painless and shows an immediate result.

Minor Orthodontics

Minor orthodontics is a fast and discreet treatment approach to give you the perfect smile in a limited smile. This procedure is useful when there is minimal tooth movement of about a millimeter or two is required. For such simple tooth movement, the appliances are also simple. The who procedure ends in few months than years. They are usually used when there is slight gap between anterior teeth, relieves minor crowding or over lapping of front teeth or to reposition the tooth which has shifted following orthodontic treatment.

Laser gum depigmentation

Color of gums play a crucial role in aesthetics of a smile. Normal color of a gum should be coral pink, but due to deposition of melanin gums appear to be darker. Several lifestyle factors like smoking tobacco, several medications or amalgam tattoo could also be the reason for darker gums. Gum depigmentation with the help of lasers is a minimally invasive procedure where the laser energy is used to peel off the gingival epithelium. Laser causes less bleeding, post opt complications like pain, swelling and infection are also less compared to surgical techniques.

Gum Recontouring

Gum recontouring is mostly a cosmetic procedure which is mostly done to improve the appearance of smile. The procedure involves cutting or recontouring the excess gums around the teeth, if there is gum recession, then the treatment involves restoring gum tissues.

Smile Makeover Team




On account of the technical advancement in dentistry, you will find that most dental procedures today are not agonizing. The dental practitioner can give anesthesia and numb the area so you don’t feel anything. Over the counter, drugs are used to deal with the pain after the technique. Also, the pain of dental treatment usually subsides within 24-48 hours in most cases.


Yes. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy, you can go in for a smile makeover. Youngsters and teenagers also want to have a great smile just like most adults. An improved smile will boost your confidence and also help your social life as you wont hesitate to interact on account of your smile. In the event that you are unhappy with how your smile looks , do arrange a meeting with your dentist to understand your medical options.


The length of your treatment depends on the kinds of techniques used as well as the degree of change required. Moreover, the changes you want will dictate the time required to revamp your smile. At times, a smile makeover can be performed in a solitary office visit. Others will require treatment spread out over couple of days..


Usually, insurance will cover only a small part of a cosmetic procedure like smile makeover if any. This is on the grounds that most techniques are regarded ‘corrective’. Nonetheless, there are many financing options available to tap into, if you so want – you can then spread your repayments out over many years


A smile can be the central element of a person’s personality and therefore their self-perception. Having a great smile that you are comfortable can bring a ray of happiness into not just yours but also other people’s lives. Our objective is to make you happy not just with your smile but also develop a positive attitude towards life. It is this objective of bringing happiness into peoples lives, that motivates us to improve our services, use the latest technology to help make a difference in the lives of our customers.

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