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Orthodontics is the study and treatment that deals with malocclusions of teeth which can be due to various reasons and some of them can be uneven jaws, finger sucking by children etc. You should not live with this problem. It is important that for such problems you seek corrective treatments. It would be useful for you to know that in South Delhi you can find the best orthodontist in south Delhi that would help you correcting these orthodontic issues like gap within teeth, crowded teeth, malocclusions of teeth and so on. Yes, corrective braces help you deal with these issues. But first, it would be important to remove the myth from the minds of the people that braces are to be worn only by the children. Well, quality braces would be the best corrective treatment for the problems as mentioned above. There is nothing like the specific age groups cannot opt for such treatments. Whether you are in 20s, 30s or more, you can opt for the braces treatment for solving issues like bad bite.

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Braces can help you in aesthetic corrections for problems like bad bite.  With braces you can:

Since, wearing the braces would help you correct and rectify so many problems, you would have the benefits like prevention from gum diseases, prevention of dental decay issues etc.

Who should seek orthodontic treatment and corrections?
Unlike what most of the people think about braces treatment, braces can be worn by anyone irrespective of the age group he or she falls into. As per Dr Dheeraj satia, MD, The Dental Roots, more and more adults are now opting for such treatments where this would be worn for correcting the concerned dental issues.  He thinks that this treatment is quite effective. At, the Dental Roots, the best dental clinic in South Delhi you will see that the patients get the orthodontic solutions at affordable prices. As far as braces are concerned there are many options available and the dentist would also guide you as to which option would be best for you.Here we give you some information of the types of braces available for corrective treatments. You can avail the same when getting treated from our orthodontist in Gurgaon or Delhi


Metal Braces– It is now are quite smaller as compared to those that were traditionally available. However, there are better options than this now which are more aesthetic.
Ceramic Braces – This is an aesthetic treatment and is preferred by most of the youngsters. They are less visible and better than metal braces.
Clear Aligners– These would be like perfect aligners that would be helpful at any age. They are hardly visible.
Lingual Braces –this is installed within the teeth and thus they are not visible.


Proper brushing and flossing is even more important for people with it.The Dental Roots has been a pioneer in braces treatment and has been successfully treating patients across different age groups, with this Treatments.Based on the above information, you can say as to what you would prefer. Of course, even we would like to help you with our valuable advice as to which type of braces would be best for you.



The care, quality and cost you are offered at The Dental Roots in South Delhi are unmatchable to any other. You’d be treated by Dr. Vishal Gupta who is a gold medallist in it and has practiced dentistry at Fortis and Primus hospitals respectively in Delhi and has remained an ex-consultant at Apollo Hospital, Gurgaon. Our dentist provides the most comfortable braces, giving you the best results. Depending on your oral conditions, he will discuss with you the term price and effects of the treatment prior to beginning with it. A typical Orthodontic case can take from 6 months to 2 years for completion.


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