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July 10, 2019
  • Sensitivity to cold and sweet

If you too are a little hesitant to have your favorite ice cream, because it leads to a sudden burst of pain, you are not alone.
It's the most common dental problem we experience. Tooth sensitivity can be the first cry of your ailing tooth. Any cavity developing in your tooth will respond to a change in temperature with sudden pain.
Treatment is simple. Any cavity or abrasion can be filled by our dentist in Gurgaon. And you can change the way you enjoy your desserts.

  • Bad breath

We know how embarrassing it can be when someone points out your bad breath.
Poor oral hygiene is the most common reason because of which plaque and calculus build-up lead to microorganisms accumulation. These microbes when act upon any food particles, release foul-smelling by-products.
The key is to maintain good oral hygiene. The cleaning tongue is also very important. To prevent any accumulation of tartar, one should go for regular oral prophylaxis by our dental clinic in Gurgaon.

  • Bleeding gums

Do you often spot some blood while you brush or when biting on an apple?? 70% of Indian patients visit our clinic with this chief complaint. Its good that you don't have any cavities, but a six-month checkup and cleaning of plaque is a must.
Bleeding gums are a result of gum inflammation from plaque. Our gums become soggy and swollen and bleed on the slightest touch. In severe cases, spontaneous bleeding can also be alarming to indicate major issues with gums.

  • Food lodgement and decay

Another common issue prevailing in population is food lodgement i.e food getting stuck in between and that annoying fight with yourself when you are trying to clean that stuck food. Any unwanted space in between your teeth can be a harbour of all the sweet and sticky food u eat. Food lodgement is often an indication of a cavity especially in between two teeth. The surfaces that often form walls of your teeth get decayed too. Therefore it is always advised to floss before you sleep.

  • Swelling and pain around the wisdom tooth

You get older and all your wisdom wants to come out at once!! Wisdom tooth erupting or no, have always been troublemakers. Right from the time, they start erupting at the age of 18 to the time they try to erupt i.e 25.

When the wisdom tooth is placed in a favorable position and there is enough space available for it to erupt completely, this event is smooth. But usually, that's not the case. Due to non-availability of enough space and difficult reach to keep the tooth clean, wisdom teeth are often known for troubles

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