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How to Solve the Issue of Toothache With Cosmetic Dental Surgery

How to Solve the Issue of Toothache With Cosmetic Dental Surgery

August 13, 2020

Toothache is the most common dental problem that one faces, there are several factors that can cause tooth pain. By availing early treatment at a dental hospital, one can prevent the condition from getting worse.

Cosmetic dental surgeries like tooth colored restorations, crowns, gum grafting, recontouring and orthodontic treatment are used to solve several issues related to toothache. Along with getting rid of the pain, you can go home with a beautiful smile!

Some of the commonly solved dental pain with cosmetic treatments are:

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay starts with cavities which affect the enamel and further advances towards dentin which causes pain and sensitivity. When it finally reaches the pulp, sharp pains are felt. This can be treated by restorations or root canal treatment. Tooth colored restorations can be used for decays which include enamel or dentin. RCTs are done when the decay is close to the pulp or involves it, it can be followed by covering the tooth with a crown. Materials like Zirconia or Porcelain can be used for making crowns for anterior teeth which provide the most natural look.

Gum Problem

Gum diseases may include inflammation, redness, bleeding and tooth pain. In such situations the dentist may suggest you undergo a gum treatment which may include cleaning (scaling) along with other procedures like gum grafting, flap surgery and gum recontouring. Flap surgeries and gum recontouring gives you the flawless smile.

Injuries and Fracture

You may suffer from cracked or chipped teeth due to injuries from accidents, sports or biting on hard food, these can cause serious toothache. Treatment varies from covering a small chipped tooth surface with tooth colored material to using veneers or crowns for giving a perfect smile.

Teeth Grinding

This causes toothache, pain in jaws, neck and muscles and ultimately causes teeth to wear off. Wearing off causes the teeth to look small and flat because of which they are not visible while smiling. Such teeth are trimmed and prepared for a bridge which helps in bringing back the natural shape and size of the teeth. After preparing the teeth and sometimes conducting RCT, the bridge which is usually tooth colored are placed over them. You will also be asked to wear a transparent guard for a few hours in a day (usually while sleeping or working) to avoid any future wearing off. 

Crooked Teeth

Misaligned and crooked teeth cause improper biting and chewing which further causes wear and tear of teeth, gums and muscle soreness due to uneven pressure on them. Constant stress due to misalignment are major causes of cracking or fracturing of teeth. Orthodontic treatment can help in aligning the teeth. This treatment may last from a few months to a year and can give momentous results.

With the expertise of Dr. Dheeraj Setia, one of the best dentists in India, your dental problems will be treated by providing you with the best and most satisfying results. With two luxurious dental clinics in Gurgaon and South Delhi, Dr Setia has fulfilled his vision of bringing state-of-the-art technology with the best techniques in the field of aesthetic dentistry to India. He along with his team of experienced dentists believe in giving each of our patients the best possible smile.

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