Sometimes pain from a root canal can arise for seemingly no reason. Dr. Dheeraj Setia, Endodontist and cosmetic dentist at The Dental Roots is no stranger to treating root canal-related pain at his clinic located in New Delhi and Gurgaon. Dr. Setia and his team of esteemed endodontic professionals namely Dr. Sharda, Dr. Prerna, Dr. Sarveshwari, and Dr. Natasha, share over 20 years of experience in swiftly locating and treating your source of pain.

The application of LASERs has been a successful practice in the medical field since ages. There has been a strong emergence of lasers in the field of dentistry in recent decades. The application of lasers in endodontic procedures like root canal treatment is proven to be highly beneficial.

Though root canal therapy is one of the most common endodontic procedures, it is looked upon as the most feared dental procedure by most people. Or root canal specialists in New Delhi and Gurgaon practice always try to make it as painless as possible. With the advent of lasers in endodontics, root canal therapy is no more a scary dental procedure. LASER Assisted Root Canal therapy has been proven to be more beneficial compared to conventional root canal treatment in terms of pain and disinfection.

The outcome of root canal treatment is based on efficient disinfection of root canals. Traditional root canal treatment follows cleaning and disinfection of root canals by mechanical debridement and using chemical agents like chlorhexidine, sodium hypochlorite, etc. However, this chemo-mechanical approach may not always achieve complete sterilization. This may lead to reinfection and failure of root canal therapy. Lasers are used in adjunct to these chemo-mechanical methods to ensure complete disinfection of the root canals. Predominantly LASERs are used to seize infection and effectuate sterile atmosphere in the infected root canals.

At The Dental Roots New Delhi and Gurgaon, we are dedicated to continually educating ourselves about advances in laser technology in an effort to make your dental experience even more comfortable and absolutely painless. We believe that we can best serve the needs of our patients by combining humanity, compassion, and individual attention with advanced technology.

Laser root canal treatment in New Delhi and Gurgaon is a stupendous achievement in dentistry. It has overcome all the flaws of conventional root canal treatment. Now, leave the fear of a painful root canal treatment and experience laser-assisted root canal treatment at The Dental roots and save your infected natural tooth.

Now searching ‘root canal specialist near me’ is easier as we have got three branches in Delhi-NCR, near you (Panchsheel Park-South Delhi, Sushant Lok- DLF Gurgaon, Tata Primanti-Sohna Road). ‘Painless root canal treatment in South Delhi’, ‘painless root canal treatment in Gurgaon’, our team of experts headed by Dr. Dheeraj Setia, in all our branches, use their experience, talent, and professionalism to create beautiful and healthy smiles.

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Dental Roots
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The Dental Roots

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Rajshri Prashasth
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Whatever I can write about the team at The Dental Roots will not provide justice to their world class customer service, period. I firmly believed that honest and dedicated customer service only existed in countries such as USA where I lived for a while. But, my experience with Dental Roots has turned that perception upside down. Seven and a half years ago I had my root canal and crown treatment done with them. There was a minor chipping of the crown recently. I am no longer living in Gurugram but I was in Delhi/NCR for other work for less than a week and when I approached the Dental Roots with my concern, immediately Dr Dheeraj removed the defective crown and got me a replacement crown in just two days, all of this was done at zero fee, even after seven and a half years! Their facilities are world class and hygienic with five star like ambience. Everyone from receptionist to doctors and assistants are highly professional and responsive to customer needs. Highly recommend them!

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Aastha Kumari
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I recommend this dental place to everyone in need of any dental procedure doctors delivers a level of care and expertise that seldom coexists. That why I trusted him to do extensive work in my mouth that resulted in a winning smile. He talks to you and explains exactly what you need and what happens if you do not do anything about it. he has great support staff and reasonable prices. I highly recommend to everyone. Keep up good work..!!

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Kunwer Sachdev
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I have been coming to them for the last 5 years and they are experts for dental care specially for alignment of teeth so the latest technology is being used.

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Tezas Kumar
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The staff was great. Very welcoming and friendly. The dentist was very nice and informative. I call him (DN) because he made me feel right at home and as if I was a friend. He provided excellent service and I will be coming here for all my future dental needs!

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Shruti Bhadani
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I got my RCT done a few days back here. Doctor and staff are very professional and polite. They take care for all the little problems for the patient very well. Really satisfied with the treatment and service received. I would highly recommend this clinic for any dental check-ups.

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Had an awesome session at The Dental Roots Clinic with Dr.Ritika She is a really good professional and a great person! I had a great time during my visit to The Dental Roots clinic. Dr.Dheeraj Setia's team of Doctors are highly professional, they listened to my concerns patiently and after sharing the overview, I had Teeth Whitening treatment done. Dr.Dheeraj Setia's staff followed proper sanitization procedures and ambience of the setup is very pleasing.

Dr.Ritika showed so much care and concern that I forgot that she is my dentist and came back earning a friend in her! I strongly recommend The Dental Roots Clinic

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Gitika Gope
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I highly recommend this. The staff is very courteous. The dentist is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Had to bring my wife in on a Saturday and they were able to schedule us for 4pm. Right at 4 she was already in the chair and the doctor was seeing her.