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May 23, 2019

Are your teeth chipped, yellowed or rotten such that you don’t want to smile? It is time to get a smile makeover in Gurgaon at The Dental Roots. This is a special procedure where the appearance of your smile is upgraded using cosmetic dentist services. Solutions such as veneers, bonding of composites, fitting tooth implants and all-inclusive tooth whitening are implemented. A smile makeover is a procedure you can decide on and if the impairment to your teeth is extensive, then you need to have a complete mouth makeover.


There are a few factors that are considered before you get a smile makeover. They consist of:

  • The appearance of your face
  • The color of your skin
  • The shade of your hair
  • Magnitudes of your teeth for instance the width, length, display and color
  • The nature of your gums
  • The contour of your lips

All these features are evaluated and considered before you get a new smile so as to ensure you get picture-perfect outcomes. Before beginning the process, the dentist will want some info from you. They will ask about what you like or do not like about your teeth or your smile. From the responses you give, a unique smile is then designed for you. A smile makeover affects particular portions of your mouth. These are the portions that can be securely improved using cosmetic techniques. One of these portions is the teeth. The teeth have several characteristics such as their shape and color, which can be rehabilitated to improve appearance of the teeth. For example, any fillings in the teeth can be swapped with restorations that are made of an amalgamated material. Also, teeth that are blemished can be improved via a teeth whitening process. The appearance of teeth during a smile gratification is very imperative. It determines the success rate of solutions, such as veneers, bridges, crowns, implants and composite bonding in the mouth. As such, the dentist asks all the essential queries and prepares your teeth very well before giving you a renewed smile.


Dark or tarnished teeth usually specify that age has caught up with you. With a smile makeover, the teeth can be whitened and contoured well. This makes you look years younger and more gorgeous.A smile makeover can improve your oral healthiness. If you had rotten teeth, they are removed and substituted with implants. Fragmented teeth can scar the tissue of the internal mouth. After the makeover, they are swapped with uniformly shaped teeth that don’t hurt you at all. Furthermore, a smile makeover will encourage you to maintain better oral hygiene. This goes a long way in promising good health and well being.


A smile makeover is a worthy investment to make. Image matters a lot. Thus, if you are self-conscious by the state of your smile, invest in this makeover and see the power of a gorgeous smile.

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