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July 10, 2019

You will often hear your dentist mentioning a dental crown after the root canal treatment. A dental crown or cap is a very essential step that needs to be done after the root canal.
A crown is a cover required to protect the root canal treated tooth from all the sides and enhance the function of the particular tooth.
Our tooth whenever needs a root canal, is often decayed or hollow with no strength left to take the mastication forces. During the root canal treatment too, all the infected tissue is cleaned from inside so as to relieve the pain. The tooth to function better needs a large filling or a crown. The crown is a way to make your teeth stronger and survive the following years.

Advantages of putting a crown

  1. Restores the function of chewing.
  2. Gives strength to the remaining tooth structure.
  3. Protects the remaining tooth structure from fracture or further decay.

The variety of crowns you can go for:

The new age gives you a wide range of options to choose from. There are three basic types

  • Pure metal crown: made of an alloy compatible with your skin. These are the most basic type and have now become obsolete as coz of the aesthetic reasons.
  • Metal-ceramic crown: To serve the demand for better-looking crowns, a metal-ceramic crown was made. This contains a layer of tooth coloured ceramic over the metal. These crowns are most widely used when going for a crown on molars. The only disadvantage is that is
  • Pure ceramic Zirconia crown: These are the best crowns you can have. They have made of zirconia which is a very strong material. These crowns meet all the aspirations of our patients for a good looking and strong crown. This type is usually chosen when restoring the molars. As they do not have any metal content, they are extremely gum friendly.

What all to look for when getting a crown done?

  • Quality of the crown: The range is large. With an increase in the use of crowns in dentistry, a lot of substandard products are available in the market. To avoid any bad experience, choose your dentist wisely
  • The appearance of the crown: Always for a natural looking appearance of the crown. A shade matching your other teeth is always preferred.
  • Comfort: So a lot of people have a myth that crowns are not comfortable. A well-made crown is the one customised for you using CAD-CAM. The dentist in south Delhi check your occlusion or bite when the crown is placed.

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