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May 21, 2019

More and more people are concerned about the image of their smile. They do not just want a treatment that gives them a beautiful and functional smile. They also want to preserve a beautiful smile during the treatment. Now, this is possible thanks to aesthetic dentistry.

Dental Aesthetics is a subspecialty of dentistry that aims to provide harmony and beauty to the patient’s smile. In recent years aesthetic dentistry has undergone a great evolution, the techniques have been perfected and nowadays many patients resort to esthetic dentistry treatments to improve their smile, both aesthetically and functionally.
Before starting an aesthetic treatment is essential to have good oral health. If the patient has periodontitis, cavities, gingivitis or any other pathology, this will have to be solved before performing a dental aesthetic treatment.


Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening is undoubtedly the most performed treatment in aesthetic dentistry. Currently, there are many bleaching products on the market, but experts recommend performing these procedures in a specialized dental clinic with trained professionals. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can cause severe damage to teeth and gums: dental abrasion, gingival retraction, tooth sensitivity, etc.

Veneers and dental crowns
Veneers and dental crowns are two very popular dental aesthetic treatments. Both have the same purpose: to obtain a more aesthetic smile by correcting small imperfections in the teeth. However, they have some differences in their process and their use varies depending on the needs of each patient.
Dental Veneers: Veneers are sheets made of materials such as porcelain that are fixed to the tooth surface with an adhesive. They allow covering small imperfections of shape, size, and color of the tooth. In some cases, the tooth has to be minimally carved to achieve its placement. The veneers look very similar to the tooth, so they are very aesthetic.
Dental crowns: Unlike veneers, dental crowns are a complete structure and require a more precise tooth carving. This structure is fitted on top of the damaged dental piece. The result is very similar to that obtained with dental veneers, the difference is that the crowns, in addition to improving the image, rehabilitate the tooth structure.

Aesthetic Orthodontics
The aesthetic orthodontics allows correcting the defective position of the teeth, preserving a good image during the whole process. If a few years ago the only option was to wear traditional braces, now it is possible to correct the smile without others noticing it thanks to aesthetic orthodontics.

Porcelain or sapphire brackets

The procedure is the same as with metal brackets. The main difference is its appearance. Porcelain and sapphire brackets go unnoticed because they look similar to dental pieces.

Invisible orthodontics

It is one of the star treatments in aesthetic orthodontics. It consists of wearing invisible dental covers that are made to fit the patient’s mouth. The great advantage of these devices is that they can be removed for eating and for routine oral hygiene.

Lingual orthodontics

It consists of wearing brackets on the inside of the teeth so that no one perceives that the patient is wearing braces. This option is more expensive and requires a period of adaptation.

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