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July 10, 2019

“You gotta earn few things in life”. One of our patients mentioned that when she completed her orthodontics treatment at The Dental Roots, Dentist in South Delhi. Extremely happy about the results, she said “Braces teaches you to become disciplined about your dental care and hygiene. You learn what's good and what's bad for your teeth. This really gets you in the habit of maintaining good oral hygiene in the future too. You learn a lot more and a few basics mentioned below

  1. Brush More

Brushing swiftly each time you eat something helps keep in the interdental areas clean.  Brush your teeth using orthodontic brushes, these are special toothbrushes used to keep the inter-braces area cleaner. These brushes are easily available at any medical store.

  1. Rinse more

Like mentioned, the areas between the brackets, wires, and elastics can be vulnerable to food lodgement. However, It isn't that bad. You can always get rid of fibrous food stuck in between by rinsing well with water. The use of mouthwash is also advisable.

  1. Think what goes into your mouth

A few modifications to your diet comes when you get braces done. Certain food items are not advisable while your braces are on. However, there is still a long list of things you can eat and enjoy. A thumb rule of “No Sticky food” should be religiously followed. Sticky items like gums and caramel can make your brackets and wires lose as they tend to apply pull forces over them. Though, the brackets can always be fixed back with no discomfort but save you one visit.

  1. No biting

Give those sharp canines and incisors some rest. Eating crunchy things can put unnecessary forces on the brackets and forceful lodgement of food. If you want to eat fruits, try and cut the thing into pieces and eat . Biting and shearing fruits using your front teeth won’t be a very good idea.

  1. Regular dental cleaning

The tendency of deposits increases with braces. Thorough cleaning and polishing are recommended to keep any cavities. Once in 3-4 months, a round of scaling helps you keep gums inflammation and bleeding gums at bay.

  1. See your Orthodontist frequently

Putting the braces on doesn't do anything by themselves per se. A change of forces, varieties of wires, orthodontic appliances, elastics and coils and a lot of other things are used to move your teeth to a  favorable position. This requires a visit to our Orthodontist in South Delhi every 3-4 weeks. Any soreness or pain should be reported to the doctor, Mild discomfort is very normal to occur and a mild analgesic is usually advised to relieve the pain.

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