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July 10, 2019

If the words “root canal” frightens you, then you probably don’t know that the root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain. It helps to ease the pain by treating the infection deep in the root of your tooth. This treatment is used to clean the inside of a diseased tooth and it is disinfected in order to prevent the loss of a tooth. The Dental Roots is a famous dental clinic in South Delhi that focuses on helping patients to preserve more of their natural teeth with the help of root canal treatment. Below are the myths and wrong information that people have about the root canal and pain caused by the treatment.

It is really frightening to know your tooth needs a root canal treatment. But once you know the tooth saving procedure you will be more confident and calmer to go to the dentist.

MYTH 1: You need to have a root canal if there is a toothache:

It is not necessary that the tooth that has pain needs the treatment. Sometimes the tooth is dead and has no pain. In such cases, we perform various tests like temperature tests and percussion tests to know that if the dead tooth needs a root canal or not.

MYTH 2: The treatment is very painful:

The fact is that this treatment is used to relieve the pain that is caused by an infected tooth. With the use of advanced cutting edge dental technology along with local anaesthesia, it is now possible to have root canal treatment with almost no pain if done by expert hands.

MYTH 3: Root canal treatment causes illness:

The fact is that this treatment helps to remove the bacteria from your infected roots of teeth. This procedure is very safe and effective and hence improves your oral health and overall health.

MYTH 4: The benefits of this treatment are temporary:

The fact is that the benefits of root canal treatment in Gurgaon are long-lasting. This treatment relieves the pain of teeth and helps in preserving the affected tooth. It is necessary to crown the treated teeth for successful results. It is necessary to have a good oral health practice along with regular dental visits to make sure that the tooth lasts a lifetime.

MYTH 5: Extraction is better than root canal:

The extraction of the tooth allows more bad bacteria to introduce into the bloodstream. A root canal is a cost-effective procedure to restore your natural tooth. Bridges, implants and other solutions to replacements are a costly and timely affair.

At The Dental Roots, our main objective is to preserve your oral health and comfort by using the latest technology along with a personalized touch. If you are suffering from the pain of dental decay, Dr. Dheeraj Setia can help you. He is a renowned dentist in South Delhi who offers the best root canal treatments with his deep knowledge and expertise. If you want to know more about root canal treatments in South Delhi or if you need one, contact us at our help desk to schedule an appointment. We will help you to maintain a healthy, happy and natural smile.

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