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Patient Guide for Dental Visit During Coronavirus Before Next Appointment

Patient Guide for Dental Visit During Coronavirus Before Next Appointment

September 17, 2020

During the time of COVID 19, several industries have been badly affected, especially Dentistry. Dentists in India have experienced huge drop in patient footfalls, leading to a massive blow and a continued struggle to stay afloat during these trying times. Due to the very nature of the work, there is a high risk in a field like dentistry where the practitioner is in direct contact with the patient’s oral cavity and hence there is a chance of spread of COVID 19 when you visit a dental clinic. During the treatment, a lot of aerosols are produced which can infect the patient as well as the dentist. 

The Dental Roots is one of the top dental hospitals in India where we provide best quality work and follow all the precautions and guidelines provided by the government to mitigate the spread of COVID 19. We have strived to adapt to the structural changes in dentistry to meet the present-day requirements. Our team of specialized dentists have undergone proper training and process management in following the guidelines provided by the Indian Dental Association (IDA) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to ensure minimum risk to patients and dentists.

As a patient you have an important role to play as well, and could help us in keeping the dental treatment COVID free. Following are the guild lines one must follow before visiting a dentist:

Essential Guidelines

  • Taking prior appointments: Taking prior appointments helps the dental clinic in keeping the waiting area less crowded. Patients are advised to come at the scheduled time so as to limit contact with other patients.
  • PPE Kits: Before you enter the clinic, a staff member will take your temperature and you will be asked to wear gloves, mouth masks, head cap and shoe covers.
  • Regular Sanitizing: Sanitizers are available throughout the clinic; patients are advised to keep sanitizing their hands.
  • Sign a health declaration form: When you enter the clinic, you will be asked to sign a health declaration form which will include your personal information, your travel history and whether you or your family members suffer from any symptoms related to COVID.
  • Avoiding Attendants for Patients: Patients are recommended to come alone if possible, and bring an attendee only when necessary.

Other Guidelines

  • Please keep your hair tied and if possible, please leave behind any kind of jewelry.
  • Avoid bringing bags, if you do please clean the bag with 70% alcohol.

It is very unlikely to get the ‘old’ normal back. Instead, changes will keep happening to avoid the spread of the infection. Under the guidance of Dr Dheeraj Setia, his team of best dentists in Gurgaon, make sure that each dental visit of yours is comfortable and a non-stressful experience for one and all.

At The Dental Roots, we believe that a Big bright smile and straight aligned teeth are nearly everyone’s goal, cosmetic and emergency treatments will soon become more aligned with changing times when innovative technologies, treatments and marketplace catch up with the new recommendations and realities. 

All we must do is be strong and hopeful during a time like this. 

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