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July 16, 2019

In this article, we are going to compare the cost of a root canal in different countries. There are many differences when it comes to the cost depending on various factors, ranging from the technology, implants, quality of service and the dentists. Thanks to their experience and expertise; the root canal by an endodontist tends to cost more than a general dentist. The cost of root canals also varies depending on the tooth to be treated; the molar root canals are said to be more costly than the front teeth.

The Cost of the Root Canal in Japan

The cost of root canal in Japan depends on the health insurance company you are insured with. If you are linked with a kokumin-kenkō-hoken (National Health Insurance, Japan) or Social Insurance through your employer, you need to pay 30% of the total cost to the dentist. All surgical and conservative treatments and some prosthetic procedures are included in the scope of the benefits of the National Health Insurance Program. However, some prosthetic and dental ortho treatments, whitening, ceramic and golden crowns and implants isolated from these benefits. In this case, the root canal in Japan can cost you about ¥10,000.

The Cost of the Root Canal in the United States

In the United States, the cost of the root canal varies from state to state and largely depends on the type of insurance available to the patient. For people without insurance, the average cost of the front root canal is about $700, while the molar root canal costs about $900. However, these are only average prices, and some states charge between $210 and $2,500 for the front tooth root canal.

The Cost of the Root Canal in Dubai

The cost of treatment for root canals in the Dubai ranges from 2500 AED to 5000 dirhams and depends on the complexity of your case reviewed by your endodontist and in addition to this; the affected tooth determines the cost. The average cost of root canal treatment and dental filling in Dubai would cost about 4000 AED. Treatment of the root canal on the teeth of molars and premolar is slightly more expensive than the other teeth.

The Cost of Root Canal in Australia

In Australia, a front tooth root canal procedure done by an endodontist can cost from AUD 2,000 to AUD 3,500. When it is done by a general dentist, it can cost about AUD 1,300. However, it is essential to note that not all dental insurances in Australia cover root canal treatment.

The Cost of the Root Canal in India

The cost of the root canal treatment in India starts from as low as $40. The price of dental crowns in India depends on the type of crown chosen by the patient. On the other hand, the metal fused ceramic crowns can cost $120 per tooth. For more details on this, you can contact the dental roots as we are in the best position in case you need help. 

Cost Comparison of Root Canal in Different Countries

Root Canal Cost Comparison

Based on the above comparison, it’s noticeable that the cost of root canal in India is relatively affordable than other countries. In case, you want to get your root canal treatment done in India, The Dental Roots is probably the best place.

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