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July 10, 2019

Ever since we heard the name, ‘teeth whitening’ as appealing to the masses.

Whiter and brighter smiles are something that everyone desires. However, due to certain incidents and cases of severe sensitivity, people are apprehensive about it now. But it's only a myth and a pure wrong regulation.

Like someone rightly said every drug is a poison. It's the amount that decides the effects: less is Healing or more can be devastating!! Teeth whitening uses widely used bleaching agents that are safe to use in the oral cavity. But the modulation and the application of the drug is something that needs expertise.

Dr. Ritika, dentist in Gurgaon, is an expert for teeth whitening. Here is what she has to

Instant teeth whitening in Gurgaon is done using FDA approved whitening kits. The concentration of the whitening agent's sets ‘in office whitening’ a level ahead over-the-counter whitening kits.

Therefore teeth whitening done at our dental clinic is extremely safe.”

However, whitening needs a good case selection. And the method of whitening can vary from patient to patient. At times, a patient mistakes a cavity making the tooth look with a brown stain.

Our dentist will examine your teeth for the reasons why your teeth might look better after whitening. Whitening only works if the colour of your teeth is reversible. Any external stains can be easily removed by scaling and polishing. But shade change of the tooth structure can only be done by whitening. Therefore, Teeth whitening is a highly effective treatment.


  1. Use of best whitening system which is FDA approved.
  2. High standards of isolation and sterilization maintained.
  3. The visible difference in change of shade.
  4. Post-treatment care using fluoride-releasing gels to replenish the tooth.
  5. Mild sensitivity seen in rare cases. Manageable by mild analgesics.
  6. Professional monitoring and whitening done by an expert.

What you may experience while whitening?

Safe concentrations of hydrogen peroxide is used in the best whitening professional whitening systems. Part of this process involves the application of this oxygen-rich gel which works wonders on your teeth. The free oxygen penetrates into the surface and to the deeper layers. The strong bonds between the stain and tooth molecule break leading to whiter looking teeth. The penetration of free oxygen can be accompanied by mild sensitivity.

Two cycles of 15 mins each are mostly recommended. The over-the-counter whitening kits and kinds of toothpaste when used without expertise and time and again can make your enamel weak. Therefore, its always better to get professional whitening done.

“I got my teeth whitening done here at The Dental Roots, and I can't stop showing my gleaming smile to everyone around!! Very happy with the results!! Thanks to the team”
                                                                                                                                           - Tanya Saxena, Gurgaon.

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