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May 23, 2019

Malocclusion of teeth is one of the most commonly confronted dental problems at the present time. It chiefly refers to misalignment of teeth. This issue can only be rectified if you visit a qualified dentist at his clinic. Quite a lot of diverse methods and procedures are available to rectify the malocclusion contingent on the severity of the problem. Malocclusion can happen because of diverse reasons; at times it is genetic but can also be owing to a birth flaw like cleft palate. The other reasons consist of thumb sucking as a child, additional or missing teeth, peculiarly shaped teeth, ill-fitted dental implants, injuries to the mouth or jaw area and also tumors of the mouth or jaw.

The dentist who usually treats malocclusion of teeth is referred to as an orthodontist. He will first carry out a physical examination of your teeth, jaw and oral cavity. He may also ask you to pull your cheek outward and bite down to see the severity of the misalignment. Sometimes dental X-rays or head X-rays may be required to make a complete diagnosis. If your problem is really minor, then the dentist will not suggest any treatment. But in moderate to severe cases, it is best to correct this issue at the earliest or you will be prone to repeated tooth decay and periodontal diseases. The dentist will correct the alignment of your teeth using braces or similar appliances. If there is overcrowding of teeth inside your mouth, then one or two teeth may be removed to alignment the remaining teeth properly. The rough and misshapen edges of your teeth will also be corrected. If you already have any other implants or replacements, then these will be checked or repaired by your dentist.

To rectify this problem, regular visits to your dentist will be essential particularly if you are using braces or any other appliance like metal or plastic bands. Rectifying malocclusion of teeth is low-priced if done at the initial stage. The treatment is also likely to produce enhanced outcomes when done in kids or during teenage years as the bones are still soft. The treatment duration differs in relation to the severity of the alignment and can take from 6 months up to even 2 years. It is imperative to refer a competent and knowledgeable orthodontist for rectifying malocclusion of teeth. The alignment of teeth in every individual differs extensively and henceforth only an expert will be able to rectify the problem effectually. If you have malocclusion of teeth, then it is best to get this issue rectified at the earliest to inhibit tooth decay and other periodontal ailments. Get in touch with The Dental Roots, a renowned dental clinic in Galleria Market, for more info regarding this problem and how to correct it at the earliest.

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