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July 10, 2019

Teeth straightening is a part of cosmetic dentistry concerned with the correction of malaligned or crowded teeth so as to please the patient with a healthy and improved smile. For this purpose, simple and non- invasive fixed or removable braces can be engaged. Teeth straightening are orthodontic treatments that re-arrange the irregularly placed teeth in a defined normal occlusion by bringing them back to their actual position in the arch. Such malpositioned teeth might pose a threat to either esthetics or functions which are the prime rationales for the patient to seek dentists. To get your teeth corrected by the specialized hands is more important for the successful outcome and this has been proved by the treatment served by The Dental Roots Dental Clinic in South Delhi. Our orthodontist in South Delhi provides the most comfortable braces, giving you the best results

Malocclusions can be simple rotations, deep bite (when upper teeth completely overlaps lower teeth on mouth closure, open bite( excess overlapping between upper and lower teeth), crossbite( lower teeth cover upper teeth), spacing, crowding, proclined teeth, retroclined teeth, teeth erupting out of the arch and other anomalies that contribute in crooked teeth framework and disturbed integrity of the arch. Our Dentists in South Delhi focus on early diagnosis to prevent the worsening of the case and delivering immediate treatment for better and acceptable results. Orthodontic treatment is the chiefly performed procedure used to treat these common dental discrepancies.

A happy smile resides in healthy teeth!

Orthodontically disturbed teeth can predispose to gum problems, caries, and periodontal issues. The expert team of professionals is dedicated to fabricating appliances that can be fixed or removable (depending upon the patient) in order to realign the teeth. A brace acts by the gradual moving of dislocated teeth to the ideal position by applying constant but gentle pressure. The course of treatment might vary from for six months, one or two years, depending on the condition and age of the individual. Moreover, the routine follow-ups of every 2- 10 weeks are necessary to activate or adjust the brace as per the need and obtain the expected dental relation.

Like all treatments, teeth straightening have their pros and cons. Although it enhances your smile and inculcates self-esteem, it might resorb your teeth roots and tooth surface might become rugged after acid etching procedure. However, the dentists in The Dental Roots are experienced enough to minimize such risks.

Aftercare of the teeth is crucial to avoid discomfort and pain around adjacent tissues which may initiate around two to four days after having your brace seated. For this, you are advised to take analgesics (PCM, ibuprofen) and the pain diminishes over time. Dr. Dheeraj Setia, one of the best dentist in South Delhi leads the clinic brilliantly while putting in prodigious efforts to assure patients with adequate dental care.

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