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What Is Family Dentistry, Anyway? Explaining This Dental Specialty

What Is Family Dentistry, Anyway? Explaining This Dental Specialty

June 28, 2020

There are many reasons to switch your dentist. If you are looking for a new dentist in Delhi NCR, you would occasionally come across the term ‘family dentist’. But who is a family dentist ? How are family dentists different from general dentists and what can you expect from a family dental practice like The Dental Roots ?

Both family and general dentists receive the same undergraduate degree and attend dental school before they see patients. A family dentist specializes in treating patients in all the stages of life whereas a general dentist might restrict their patients to a specific age group.

Family dentists understand that compared to an adult, a child has different dental needs. They are extensively trained in providing focused dental care to children along with a positive experience. They have sufficient knowledge on child psychology and personality development which helps them in providing a successful dental treatment.

As a family dental clinic, The Dental Roots specializes in treating children with dental anxiety. Therefore, we give a lot of importance in providing a calm,warm and welcoming environment from the minute the child enters our clinic. We are motivated in educating patients of all ages the importance of good oral hygiene. Whether it is teaching a toddler proper brushing method or showing an elderly patient the right way to clean their dentures, we at The Dental Roots ensure that you and your family members maintain good dental care habits outside of our office.

Services provided by our Best Dentist In Delhi & Gurugram for a family:

· Dental Examination and Cleaning: Regular 6-month dental examination and teeth cleaning are extremely important as they allow the dentist to monitor the oral health of the child.

· Fluoride Application and Dental Sealants: They help in combatting cavities and are usually applied to newly erupted permanent teeth and children who are prone to cavities.

· Preventive Dentistry: This includes identifying the decayed tooth and saving it by filling the cavity.

· Orthodontics:We provide orthodontics assessments and an in-house orthodontist.

· Gum Diseases: Gum diseases are very common in adults; we provide with treatments like deep cleaning and periodontal surgeries to deal with cases having gingivitis and other gum diseases.

· Dental Surgeries: We also provide you with an in-house oral surgeon and a pain-free tooth extraction.

· Cosmetic Dentistry: With our highly experienced dentists we pride in providing the best and most natural looking smile to our patients.

Some other services provided at our clinic includes Dental implants, restoration with crowns and bridges and teeth whitening services.

Why The Dental Roots?

The Dental Roots is “one-stop-shop” for all your dental treatments. We pride at being the best dental clinic in Delhi & Gurugram by providing all the services under the same roof. Dr Dheeraj Setia is one of the finest and most reputed dentists in our city with over 15 years of experience in family dentistry. Book your appointment at The Dental Roots to experience world-class dentistry and go home with a bright and dazzling smile.

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