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July 10, 2019

So the most hyped treatment is here to be talked about. Root canal treatment is a simple procedure to preserve your tooth and relieve the pain. Nevertheless, it's often the most frightening term you could hear from your dentist.

Root canal treatment is a savior and a hero for a lot of our patients.

We are discussing today, a very frequently asked question “When do your teeth need a root canal? “

Root canal treatment is a procedure wherein the infected tissue (nerves and blood vessels) are cleaned and the canals are filled with the filling material. This treatment relieves pain by disinfecting the tooth and preserve the tooth for functional purposes. Here is our specialised dentistry from dental clinic in Gurgaon to help you solve your questions.

How to Figure out the Symptoms

  • Sensitivity to cold and hot food items is your first clue: The first ‘knock-knock’ is extreme sharp pain on drinking cold water. Depending on the severity of the pain, one can guess the status. When any cavity reaches the second layer of your tooth, you feel sensitivity.
  • Spontaneous or lingering pain: This is when it gets worse, continuous dull pain initially and extreme pain later. The cavity has reached your nerves now i.e. pulp tissue. The micro-organisms infiltrate in the pulp tissue and infect it causing a lot of pressure in the tooth leading to pain.
  • Pain on biting: At times, a tooth does not give any symptoms of sensitivity but when you feel uncomfortable while chewing from that particular side, it indicates a breach of infection around your roots.
  • Mild to moderate swelling: Any change in the anatomy of your face inside out can happen due to pus collection around the infected tooth.
  • Increase in the intensity of pain while lying down.

What Happens in A Root Canal Treatment?

We know by now that the microbes from the cavity travel to the pulp of the tooth and infect it leading to extreme discomfort.

Root canal treatment in Gurgaon aims to clean all the infected tissue and flush out the micro-organisms to preserve the functionality of that particular tooth. The process can be divided into three steps

  • Accessing the infected canals
  • Cleaning and shaping of the canals
  • Filling the canals to provide reinfection.

At The Dental Roots, our dentist in Gurgaon uses new world technology for precision and quality treatment.

What to Expect During and After the Root Canal Treatment?

The myth that runs around is absolutely false. Root canal treatment is done under the profound effect of anesthesia. It is a completely painless procedure. The intensity of the pain depends on the amount of infection. At times we ignore these symptoms leading to aggravated infection later on. If treated well, the root canal is completely pain-free.  Mild-to-moderate discomfort is normal and is taken care of by analgesics and antibiotics.

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