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October 18, 2016

Nowadays, medical tourism is a pretty common practice that many people do. It emerged due to the high cost of many medical treatments in developed countries like the USA or the ones in Europe, generating massive translations and travels to find cheaper prices.

Dental tourism makes part of this, focusing on traveling for cheaper dental treatments, dental health check-up, and global health care. Many individuals travel to India, one of these paradisiac dental destinations, for many dental procedures, because, after Thailand, India ranks second when destinations for dental treatments refers.

India has one of the most advanced technologies, very good and professional dental implantologists, and dental cosmetic surgeons. Also, India has a comfortable range of prices that ensure the quality of all the services you can get.

India has travel agencies that organize almost everything about the travel. Not only things regarding the hotels, travel tickets or food, these can also organize all the things concerned with your dental treatment.

Those are some of the reasons to travel to India for your dental treatment. Let´s explain a little bit more about them:

  1. Low-Cost Dental Treatments

The cost of dental treatments in India is pretty affordable when you compare it with other parts of the world. For example, a dental implant in India can cost between 400 and 600$, depending on the design, type, and company of the implant. On the other hand, in the US, the same implant can cost around 3,000$.

The quality of the services has nothing to do with the low prices. The prices in India are that cheap due to its cheap workforce. But be careful with what you think, because many Indian doctors have a great reputation worldwide, just like other important dental doctors.

  1. Less Waiting Time

In the US, patients have to wait for months to consult a specialist and even more time when the specific procedure is scheduled. The good news is that you can avoid all that waiting time, or at least reduce it, doing your dental treatment in India.

Many clinics have the option to send the exams by email, allowing the dentist to plan the surgery with time and scheduling the travel for that specific date. Also, if you cannot send your exams, many clinics will give you a preferential treatment because you are foreign. There are other options that include agencies, which can organize everything about the consult and procedure for you.

  1. World Class Quality Dental Treatments

Almost all the dentists are well furnished. They use the most advanced technology with sophisticated tools. The dental services in India are as good as any other place in the world. In some cases, they are even better. Many Indian clinics are accredited by international standards, providing a great plus when you are looking for a great result with your dental treatment.

Besides all that, India has one of the richest cultures in the world. It absorbs what it needs and rejects what it do not needs. Traveling to India for a dental treatment is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the country and its culture.

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