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October 18, 2016

During the colder months, many people feel their teeth considerably more sensitive than usual. That is, tooth sensitivity and dental pain may be more noticeable in winter than in other seasons. This usually happens because, in addition to the pain that occurs when eating cold or hot foods, the cold wind also causes discomfort in the teeth.

Dental sensitivity occurs when the dentine, which is protected by the gum and tooth enamel, loses its natural protection and is exposed, allowing those external stimuli (cold, heat, pressure, etc.) to reach the nerve endings.

There is some controversy about the etiology of this pain, being the hydrodynamic hypothesis being the most accepted. According to this hypothesis, the fluids that are inside the dental tubules are altered by thermal, physical or osmotic changes, stimulating pressure receptors that lead to nervous excitement, which results in dental pain. Good oral hygiene is essential to avoid the appearance of sensitivity and Toothaches.


Periodontal disease: The term periodontal disease (PD), encompasses all those pathologies that affect the tissues surrounding the tooth (gingiva, cementum, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone). Periodontitis consists in the destruction of the periodontal tissues produced by the germs present in the oral cavity

Vigorous brushing: Intense tooth brushing can deteriorate tooth enamel.

Chattering teeth: Chattering teeth during the winter can wear out tooth enamel and lead to sensitivity.

It is the most frequent infectious disease in the human population, and only 1% is free of it. It consists of the destruction of dental hard tissues (enamel and dentin) secondary to the action of acids produced by bacteria attached to the teeth. Cold sensitivity is an early sign of dental caries. If you start to experience tooth pain, you should go see a dentist.

Products for teeth whitening: The products that make your teeth whiter wear the enamel.

Smoking, not brushing, or flossing improperly can cause the gums to retract. When this happens, the dentin at the base of the gums is exposed and can cause dental pain.


The diet

Through diet, we can avoid the appearance of sensitivity. It is advisable to eliminate the intake of foods and beverages that contain acids or many sugars. In this way, we will prevent the deterioration of tooth enamel.

Go to the dentist

Going on a regular basis to the dentist’s office is essential to prevent tooth sensitivity. The dentist can assess the state of your dental health and propose timely treatments, if necessary.

Dental hygiene

Finally, oral hygiene is the key to avoid tooth sensitivity in winter. It is important to include fluoride in teeth cleaning routines. Fluoride is perfect for actively protecting tooth enamel and preventing tooth wear

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